Have you used recently the ideas for lesson starters and finishers?


 Want to engage your class at the start of your lesson?

Want some ideas for quick activities to reinforce learning, introduce a new topic, fill in those odd minutes at the end of a lesson before the bell goes or need a short burst of something different to bring the class back together as transition to the next part of your lesson? 

This page of starters and finishers offers some suggestions. 

Using PowerPoint presentations from conferences and video clips from EBEA TVAll the PowerPoint  presentations, and the links to videos, from the annual Conferences presentations :2011  | 2010  | 2009  | 2008 | 2007 and the Bank of England conferences 2011 | 2010 | 2009 have the potential to offer you some meaty material. Or use the search button at the top of the EBEA TV page to find a video to match the topic you want to cover. 

  • Re-introduce your A2 Economics group to topics by giving them a dose of the ‘Undercover Economist’ and showing them Tim Harford’s talk, 
  • Use Levi Roots’ or Fraser Doherty’s inspirational talks to introduce a new GCSE group to the personal qualities and characteristics of an entrepreneur
  • Ian Marcouse, Colin Bamford or Sam Gurney’s presentations provide a good backdrop for teaching about globalisation and emerging markets

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The documents that members can download from the right hand column offer fun interactivity for the whole class.

  • Design a Sub Challenge - design a subway sandwich
  • Top 10 Biggest Grocery Brands with suggestions of fun ways to use this statistical data
  • Double Dip recession - based on the popular TV show 'Have I got news for you'. Students are asked to provide the missing words from news articles on the double dip recession experienced by the UK economy.
  • Mergers and Takeovers Dominos, a fun starter to enhance understanding of this area of theory. It is particularly relevant for students following the AQA BUSS4 syllabus for which students this year have been set the topic of mergers and takeover.
  • The TOWIE effect contributes £1.4 bn to the UK economy. A game based on the TV Show Who Dares Wins to explore products boosted by the impact of the TV series The Only Way is Essex
  • Hit, Miss or Maybe: an activity which asks students to suggest which well-known high street brands had a successful 2011 Christmas season and which made have poor sales or even gone into administration.