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2013 Conferences workshop

This section provides support for teachers, HE tutors, teacher mentors and trainees in planning and preparation.

The first link to lesson ideas and resources offers subject specific support and recommendations for different aspects of the curriculum. This comprises exemplar lesson plans with rationales, resources, suggestions for further reading, revision strategies and website links. The lessons which are supported with an article entitled Why teach this way? are particularly designed to help the development process. All resources offered here have been written by classroom practitioners. The lesson plans come with resource suggestions which have either been  written specially for that particular lesson or are pre-written or published resources with guidance on how they should be used in that context.

The two units on generic issues cover aspects of teaching which are seen as challenging to new and experienced teachers with recommendations for approaches and strategies.

The unit on assessment, monitoring and feedback offers detailed articles on ten aspects of assessment. Written principally for trainee and beginner teachers, it may nevetheless also be of interest to experienced teachers seeking to update their knowledge or consider new approaches. 

The final two links are lists of published material, with reviews, first published in the EBEA magazine, Teaching Business & Economics and several lists of websites. These lists have been recommended by colleagues as useful for teachers and learners.

All the resources in this section are suitable for

  • downloading and using directly
  • using as the focus for reflection on your practice
  • using as the basis for in-house CPD to help a department develop good practice


For many areas of the curriculum, supplementary resources can also be found in the publications section of this website as well as the downloads of past conferences.


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