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This section aims to offer support to department managers in their role as subject leaders and also taking account of their support role towards members of their team. It also provides material for those working in initial teacher training, either as tutors in Higher Education insttitutions or as mentors in schools and colleages. The guidance and frameworks for lesson planning and preparation, given in the menu link on the left to Supporting trainees,  while aimed specifically at those in initial teacher training, may also prove useful for the experienced teacher seeking new ideas or sample templates.

If you are seeking documents referenced in older articles that are no longer available from Government agencies and Quangos, it is worth looking in the Archived Guidance and Reports section (see menu on left) where we have attempted to capture many of those documents.

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Articles from past editions ofthe EBEA magazine, Teaching Business & Economics, offer ideas and information across a range of department and whole school management issues. Find the articles.